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"Busting Cherries"

The post title is an inside joke. Today I had the pleasure of meeting John Bollwitt from the Crazy Canucks and Audihertz, his wife Rebecca Bollwitt from Miss 604, JJ from The Canucks Hockey Blog and his wife Tracy tonight in downtown Vancouver. It was great to actually meet these people in person, as I have been reading their blogs for about a year now.
This was the first time I have met people in person after only knowing them online.
Even though they were tired from parties or blogathons (Rebecca), their company was terrific. JJ contemplating an Orca eating a Leaf as a new Canucks logo got a great laugh. What a wiseguy.
I was curious as to how a northern hick was going to get along with some city slickers...but no problemo. These Crazy Canucks are great people.
Hopefully we'll (my wife and myself) will be chilling with Alanah tomorrow on the Island. That is, if there aren't anymore bomb threats on one of our BC Ferries.

I also blew about 200 bucks at the Rock Shop on Granville Street in Vancouver on 2 Beastie Boys t shirts and Metallica and Testament hoodies. That is the perfect store for any of you metal heads out here.

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