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Avalanche sign Ryan Smyth

All of the Oiler fans standing in front of Oilers brass headquarters holding signs begging for Kevin Lowe to sign Ryan Smyth can now go home crying. The Smyth saga in Edmonton, and any chance of it happening any day soon is officially over, as Colorado has just signed the much-desired winger to a 5-year $31.25 million deal. Just over $6 million per year... I know Smyth is such a cagey veteran leader, but I would never pay that much for him. The Avs now secure for themselves a leader for when Joe Sakic retires in the near future.
Now the Canucks have to put up with that jackass crashing their crease all over again!
I think Smyth wanted to come back west, and probably took less money to do so. Just guessing.

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