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Waiting For Flooding No More!

The Bulkley River has gone over it's banks in a few places in the Smithers area already. Our Par 3 golf course is now submerged.
Today I left work early to help my cousins and many other volunteers sandbag the banks of the river to help prevent about 20 homes from getting washed out.
The hot weather on the weekend followed by the wet system that moved in on Sunday have made problems worse and is only going to get worse yet. The peak of this flooding is estimated to be 2 weeks away still. We could very well see the worst flooding from this river in recorded history. Possibly.
While my sympathy for people living on flood plains only goes so far, it is quite saddening to see the potential devastation here.
Hopefully, the dikes that we put up today hold up. But they may not.

If they don't, I'll capture as many images as possible, and use the proper setting on my wife's camera this time (hence the black and white!)
CTV news made an appearance at the worst site today. The footage is limited, but no kidding, the flooding in Mexico is much worse!
All I know is that my arms and back are sore right now from sandbagging, but the worst may be yet to come!
Evacuations may happen as early as tomorrow, as the river levels are relentlessly increasing daily.

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