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Tweaked rules after Board of Governors meeting in New York

A player may now be awarded a penalty shot if he is fouled on a clear breakaway anywhere in the neutral or attacking zones. Previously, a penalty shot was awarded only when a player on a clear breakaway was fouled on the attacking side of the centre line.

For more on the tweakings, see TSN.

I don't mind the above rule as much. But I would really like to see the general obstruction calls lessened. There are too many penalties now! I hate watching powerplay after powerplay. If the players would stop all the obstruction then fine. But is that ever going to happen to a degree where we don't see 6 obstruction calls per team during most games? That's already 24 minutes of power play time in one game without the trips, roughing, etc included. Half of the minutes in games are special teams. Bullshit! How about only making the call if the obstruction actually impedes the puck handler's progress?

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