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Taylor "Ladies' Man" Pyatt signs for 2 years

(Reported on TSN) Taylor Pyatt is not taking the Anson Carter Express out of Vancouver. He has agreed to a 2-year deal worth $3 million. This is only $300,000 more than what he refused to accept earlier in the season, and 1 year less longer in duration. I think it is fair to say that $1.5 million is a fair price for Pyatt and it is what most people thought he would get or was worth, especially considering his 23-goal season. Even if he doesn't spend as much time with the Sedins he is worth that amount. His play has gotten better the more time he spends on the Vancouver team.
Nice work by Nonis, as usual.

The Flames have signed Matt Lombardi to a 3-year deal and Markus Nilson to a 2-year contract. Terms for both were not disclosed.

The Hurricanes have signed Glen Wesley to a 1-year contract worth $1.4 million. The wiley vet will probably finish his career in Carolina.

Thrasher's GM Don Waddell is "not ruling anything out" but may not offer Keith Tkachuk a deal by July 1, making Tkachuk up for grabs on the UFA market. Do you think the Blues will resign him?

Apparently Alanis Morrisette is going to sing the national anthems prior to Game 4 on Monday night. Hopefully she doesn't have a problem with anthems like she apparently has with Fergie's lumps.

Maybe she'll be naked for the anthem singing, throw a few F-bombs in there, and then float away on her magic carpet. Just a thought. It could be a good luck charm, if you believe in that kind of shite!

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