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Northern BC Flood Update

With the cooler weather and lack of rainfall the past few days, the Bulkley and Skeena River levels have actually been dropping. If the projected forecast for the next several days is in any way correct, this trend will continue.
The 5-day forecast as of today (Saturday) projects consistent highs of about 15-17 degrees celsius and lows of between 4-8 degrees with scattered showers. Those kinds of conditions will only continually lower the river levels.
The only way the flooding conditions will increase now is:
1. A long-term rain storm hovers over northern BC.
2. The forecasting is wrong and the temperatures soar over 30 degrees celsius for about a week in duration starting as early as Monday, melting the rest of the snowpack at rapid rates.

Otherwise, the current conditions will slowly melt the huge snowpack in certain mountain ranges and the rivers will continually drop to safer levels. Judging by the Satellite maps, that will be the case, and this whole saga will come to an end.

The issue of living or even building on floodplains is being raised here once again, as it does in any flood story. I don't know how much more cheaper housing on floodplains is, but is the risk really worth it?
I've heard some people complaining about there not being enough warning. How much warning does one need when there are massive amounts of snow in the mountains and a warm spring? This flooding or potential of it was no suprise to me and to many others. How can people be so ignorant?
The funding for all of this relief should not be thrown upon the government or us the taxpayer either. The bottom line is, people make a choice to live in a danger zone and will pay the consequences for it sooner or later.
For God sakes! Move to higher ground!
Unfortunately, these kinds of natural disasters are soon forgotten, and housing projects will continue on these flood plains. It's all about the almighty dollar. And mankind will continue to buy into it without using their brains. Several years from now the same thing will happen all over again and the same people will be bitching about it.

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