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No one should get drunk and post stuff

...because if you do, then you run the risk of writing something with an sickly sweet and patently annoying headline (not that it's overly shocking considering the source) to the outright nonsensical (while I appreciate the concept Bob, you may want to review the team's weaknesses before giving them the cup a mere 30 seconds after it's given to the team that ousted them).

I suppose common civility would dictate I'm supposed to post something congratulatory about the new Stanley Cup champion Ducks? That's tough. I still vehemently dislike Pronger and am happy that I've ducked any visuals of that punk holding/sullying the cup so far. It's also tough to get excited about a team that wins it all when they were revoltingly stacked (at least in defense and in net) from the beginning of the season. I fear the 2007-08 season predictions are going to be even more disgusting then usual because so many mouthbreathers in the MSM picked the Ducks this year. Grand.

But, I will say I'm very happy for the fans of the team since I can only imagine (I'll repeat: I CAN ONLY IMAGINE) what it must feel like to see a team you backed for 8 long months finally reach that finish line. Enjoy the moment and soak it up and try to ignore your hangover this morning as best you can.

And I feel happy for Brian Burke. With no offense to Nonis, I never wanted Burke to leave Vancouver and enjoyed watching him throw out the garbage in Anaheim (anyone see how Fedorov is taking the news this morning?) while also building the team very much from within. He's a hell of a GM - even if he rubs almost everyone in the media the wrong way - and the Duck fans should be happy as hell he's there for the next few seasons.

That said, let's focus on next week when Luongo sweeps up the awards and then we can swiftly segue to whatever the Mammoth Nonis Summer Trade of 2007 will be. Go get 'em Dave.