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MySpace returns for two

Life has been hectic the past few days so my apologies in getting to this late, but as expected, Taylor Pyatt is no Anson Carter. Pyatt will make $1.5 $1.75 million a year, thereby more then doubling his previous $700,000 from last year, lucky guy. But honestly, if you are coming off your best season (23 goals and 14 assists) and can skate a few more years with Tomax and Xamot, why would you leave anyway? He can pad his resume for two more seasons and then jump into the UFA pool and bank big so it makes sense all around.

Moreover, for some reason that I am convinced centers on a cosmic-kick-to-the-groin, sir Pyatt and his girlfriend have driven quite a good deal of traffic my way. Don’t believe me? Think again. So thank you all you Vancouver tween fans that have Pyatt fever. And naturally thank you Taylor. You go big dog.

In other news, Sir Nonis seems to enjoy what he did last year (snagging Lui from a drunken Keenan) that he fancies doing it again. Sadly we don’t have a moody brutish winger to offload on a starry eyed GM for someone who can f’ing score, but as long as he doesn’t move Luongo, I don’t care who he brings in as long as they can score. Well, that’s not true…I do care as long as it’s not some people.

Lastly...oh what the hell, why not? It sure beats watching the punk Pronger get his filthy hands on it.