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Gelinas could return to Vancouver or Calgary

From the Calgary Sun yesterday:
Martin Gelinas and his family are back in town for the summer, comforted by a recent two-year offer from the Florida Panthers that included a raise for the affable assistant captain. Gelinas, 37, is planning on holding on until he becomes a free agent July 1 and would love nothing more than to return to Calgary or Vancouver to round out his career ...

Hopefully that will be Vancouver. We cound use his work ethic, offensive output, and experience, especially in the playoffs.
Gelinas made $975,000 last season and is a bargain, as the 37 year-old had 14 goals and 44 points in 80 games with the Panthers last season.
C'mon Nonis, get it done!!! However, Nonis is going to need some help at center when Smolinski bails, so we'll see.

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