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Ducks / Sens Game 4 Preview

**UPDATE (11:04 AM) Ottawa Sun**
Now the reports on McAmmond are that he is riding a bike today and skating. He is now questionable and is a game-time decision. I think Randy Carlyle summed it up best when he said today: "Nothing would surprise me, it's playoffs. People make huge strides in their recovery after suspensions. It's amazing," said Carlyle. Haha! Let the verbal wars resume!!

**UPDATE (8:53 AM)**
Dean McAmmond will not play tonight because he doesn't feel quite right yet. (Ottawa Sun) Apparently Patrick Eaves will replace him.

The last time Pronger was suspended for his hit on Tomas Holmstrom, Ric Jackman was inserted into the Ducks lineup and performed admirably, securing a spot for himself. This time, it will be a little different without Pronger, as Sean O'Donnell points out:
''Last time we were at home, so we had the match-ups we wanted and it will be a little more difficult on the road.''
Good point. I guess this means that the odd-man out since Jackman's promotion, Joe DiPenta, will get another shot on D.

Last game the Sens proved once again that a mediocre power play doesn't mean a loss. Ottawa was 1-for-7 and Anaheim was 1-for-3.
However, if Spezza and Heatley don't get going soon, like Mr. Kempnar pointed out, the Sens are flirting with death. I think Alfredsson can be better yet as well. The Sens' 2nd, 3rd, and 4th lines may have been spectacular last game, but cannot be relied upon to consistently produce offence, barring some holy miracle.
The Ducks are going to rebound in Game 4, and it's up to the Sens to keep their aggressive speed game going and keep the momentum on their side.
I would expect Game 4 to be closer in the chances department as the Ducks make their adjustments. The adapting process of these 2 teams is coming to a head now. They both know eachother a lot better. The Ducks know they can physically intimidate the Sens, but will also have to try neutralize Ottawa's speed like they did in Games 1 and 2. The Sens should play the same way as they did in Game 3, but will have to stop running around in their own zone when the Ducks press.

I say the Sens win it 3-2 in double OT! Anyone else have a prediction?

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