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Ducks 3 Senators 5 (Final) Game 3: Period by Period

Wow. The Correl Center is just hopping, and the sight of the 1000's of Sens fans outside the building an hour pre game was phenomenal.
Last night, I had a dream that the Sens won 6-4 in Game 3. Not sure why.
I'd say 4-2 Sens is more like it, and that's my call.

1st Period

-Kunitz is in. He is flying early and will play on the top line.

-The Sens come out flying, but the first big chance is for the Ducks: Penner in by himself and is stoned by Emery. A defensive lapse by Ottawa. After that chance the Ducks come alive, forcing the Sens into taking a penalty. McDonald makes the Sens pay for that, at 5:39, all by himself in the slot. 1-0 Ducks. Assisted by Buzz Lightyear.
-At one point, early in the period, the Ducks were outshooting the Sens 5-1. But then the Sens gained some composure and stormed back, forechecking hard and pressuring the Ducks. With just under 4 minutes left, proud new papa Chris Neil scores to make it 1-1: a direct result of the Sens' excellent forechecking. Assists from Kelly and Meszaros.
This is a renewed Sens team that is starting to look like it believes in themselves.
Kudos to Giguere for looking sharp and keeping the Ducks in it.

Shots after 1: Sens 10 Ducks 8
Intriguing stat that means nothing right now: the Ducks won 70% of the faceoffs that period.

Coach's Corner was extra entertaining with Brett Hull making an appearance. Hull talked about how he offered some of his own money to Blues management in order to keep Adam Oates playing there. Then he quipped: "That's why the Blues never win the Stanley Cup: because management makes dumb decisions."

Period 2

-I can see why Moen will never score 30 goals in a season. He missed a wide open net and hit the post! Yikes!
-Several minutes into the period Kunitz leaves the ice with what looked like a leg injury.
-Moments later, at 5:20, Corey Perry waltzes in front of the net from the back boards and puts the puck under Emery. A weak one, and another missed defensive assignment this time by Volchenkov. 2-1 Ducks. Assists by Penner and Getzlaf.
-Whoa! Seconds later, Volchenkov makes ammends, slapping the puck towards a mega-screened Giguere from the point. Jiggy had no way of seeing it. 2-2 game. Unassisted.
-Moments after that, the Ducks score again. This time it's Getzlaf from Penner and Perry. That line is on fire. Emery should not have let out that rebound. That could be a deflating goal.
This is turning into a goalfest. Maybe my dream could be accurate....
As always, there is great conversations going on at the Battle of Ontario. I wonder how many times the word "FUCK" is mentioned in the comments section! This game must be ultra-stressful for the Sens fans.
-Did I just hear an "Alfie" chant from the fans?
-The Sens' supporting cast is playing the game of their lives tonight. Chris Neil is a force, plowing over the Ducks. I am not impressed with the Sens' top line though. Where the hell is Heatley tonight?
-The Ducks get into penalty trouble late in the period and Alfie redirects the puck into the net with his skate. That's a goal. You can do that. It's under review: GOAL!
Good to see Alfie bag one. That's 3 times the Sens have come back from a 1-goal deficit in this game. There is no quit in this bunch tonight.
-Finally they get a lead with a minute and a half left, when the forechecking pays off once again, as McAmmond puts it out in front and Pronger puts it in his own net! 4-3 Sens. What a game. Why the hell couldn't the Sens do this in the first 2 games?

Shots in the 2nd: Sens 12 Ducks 11
Overall: Sens 22 Ducks 19
The Ducks have still won 60% of the faceoffs in this game.

3rd Period

-Elliot Friedman, no relation to Marty Friedman, just mentioned that the Sens are happy with their game and are finding success because, basically, their forecheck is working and they are spending more time 'behind the circles.
-Ooo, Pronger just gave McAmmond a Gordie Howe elbow. McAmmond is in a daze. That was a point blank elbow alright. How come a penalty wasn't called?
McAmmond will be back next game I'm sure, but the Sens aren't taking it. There is a lot of rough stuff. And that is a great sign for Ottawa, as they are showing some guts for once in these Finals. Pronger's elbow could become a rallying factor.
-The Ducks have lost their composure and are taking too many penalties. To their credit, they are killing the penalties very well. What a save by Emery on Marchant shorthanded though! He batted the puck right out of the air!
If the Ducks can kill these penalties and settle down, they could tie it yet.
-Or not! Volchenkov again! He pinched in for that goal. What a great shift and night by the Neil-Kelly-Vermette line. Vermette especially has been stellar. 5-3 Sens. Assists by Vermette and Kelly.
-The Ducks continue to take penalties out of frustration, but the Sens cannot capitalize. The Ducks' PK is still great, but it doesn't matter tonight because 5-on-5 the Sens are shutting the Ducks down, mostly by applying pressure offensively.
Game over! We have a series!

Shots in the 3rd: Sens 7 Ducks 3
Overall: Sens 29 Ducks 22
Anaheim won 60% of the faceoffs in this game.
Powerplays: Sens: 1-for-7 Ducks: 1-for-3


What a game! That was playoff hockey at it's finest! Everything went right for Ottawa. They have finally found ways to beat the Ducks:
-get their speed game going. When they rushed up the ice with that blazing speed and dumped the puck in, they would beat the Ducks to the puck in Anaheim's zone. In Game's 1 and 2 they refused to dump it in at all, or did a lousy job of it.
-matching Anaheim's toughness. It didn't look so one-sided tonight. Ottawa's 2nd-to-4th lines played with tenacity and it payed off.

Momentum is completely in Ottawa's favor now. Their confidence has returned.

I wasn't impressed with Spezza and especially Heatley. They were invisible. Prior to this game, Murray had mentioned that so much blame was put on their top line lately, but they also needed input from the other guys. Well the other guys responded tonight.


The Ducks are crying foul on Alfredsson's goal and they are WRONG!

Pronger's elbow may have awakened the beast in Ottawa if it wasn't already.

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