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Draftday ponderings

I'm still reeling a bit from the craziness of the Philly/Nashville trades earlier this week. At first I thought it was great deal for Philly to get the negotiating rights for the two. Then I flipped when I saw the bloated salaries they gave to each guy. I appreciate that Holmgren basically got three established players and a prospect for a soft transfer of both Forsberg and a first rounder. Then it dawned on me why Timonen and Hartnell - both of whom would have been easily two of the biggest free agents out there - wouldn't have tested the market at all knowing that, if this is simply a money thing, they could have likely gotten other deals in the works and pushed Philly even higher. The BoA folks who are by far smarter then I seem to be asking the same thing. It's about at this time that the room starts spinning and I fall over so I am left to just be happy that Nashville is crumbling to pieces, and with Keenan at the helm in Calgary, the Western conference is suddenly not a bad place to be.

As for this weekend, I would hope that Nonis is able to do more then bring some new kids into the Vancouver Canuck system. Surely nothing of the magnitude of Bertuzzi/Luongo is going to happen, but as the handy clock up in the top left of this page will keep telling you, time is slowly ticking off for him to find the right offensive weapons for this team’s system. On that note, not that he's an offensive weapon but one of my hopes to return to B.C. was Scott Walker who is now off the table. Damn it all.

Ideally either this weekend or in the coming weeks, we’ll get a glimpse of whatever the hell Nonis’ plans are to improve on the Pyatt/Bulis/Chouinard acquisitions of last year up front with some more proven commodities. Sit back, crack a cold one (or ten) and let's see how the Nonisian era in its third yearly installment is going to get started. (Here’s a friendly tip: it should not include any reference to a "Yashin" or "Nagy". Not at all. Never.)