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Draft Rant

Ok, so I've had a few spiced rum and cokes tonight, and it has intesified my anger somewhat...
But there are a couple things about the Draft that really cheesed me off.

1. Cherepanov was picked 17th overall by the Rangers and Jagr probably had something to do with it. Cherepanov made it no secret that Jagr is his favorite player. Glenn Sather must have wet his pants when the Russian was still available that late and he got his hands on him. Cherepanov should have gone in the top 5 in my opinion. The GM's go on record on camera saying that they pick the best player available but that means that some of the 12 GM's lied.
Is Russia's refusal to sign the transfer agreement a real achille's heel in this year's draft? Was Malkin's situation a deterrence for Russian players to be selected at early stages? Probably. But GM's covered it up by saying that Cherepanov's play was inconsistent. Hey, I'm sure that could be said a lot about the previous 16 picks. It's bullshit.

2. Using the Ducks' Cup-winning team as a template for drafting is stupid. Sure, I have nothing against having a strong amount of North American talent on a roster. But the size issue? Size was a big factor in Round 1 of the Entry Draft and it is no secret that GM's are looking at Anaheim's size as a big reason for their Cup-winning success and letting that influence their decision. But I am not agreeing with that concept. The Ducks' size played a role in their success. But it really isn't the be all end all of how to build a team. Were the Hurricanes bigger than the Oilers in 2006? NO!
Were the Lightning bigger than the Flames in 2004? Fuck no!
The theory of size for Cup success has huge holes in it. It is not consistent in history. The Sens did not lose to the Ducks because they were smaller. They lost because they lacked the desire as a team to win it.
And if I hear one more dickhead mention the Ducks' being the bigger team, I am going to put my foot through my fucking television!
God dammit, pick the BEST PLAYER AVAILABLE and stop being stupid. I swear some of these GM's work on a popularity contest sometimes.
Bless Sather's heart. The jackass got a steal for his 17th pick and believe me: when Cherepanov plays in the NHL for the New York Rangers, nobody is going to be talking about size anymore. They are going to be praising Sather for stealing such a talented player THAT LATE IN THE DRAFT.
Alright, I'm going to bed.

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