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Aucoin will be traded to Calgary on Friday

TSN is saying that it's sources are proclaiming that defenceman Adrian Aucoin has waived his no-trade clause and will be traded to the Flames tomorrow. The 6'3" 215-pounder had his best season in 1998-99 with the Canucks, under new Flames coach Mike Keenan, where he scored 23 goals and added 11 assists.
So you have to wonder how much Iron Mike and Darryl Sutter are putting their heads together now to assemble a winning team.
But the 34 year-old Aucoin has had a hard time putting together full seasons due to multiple injuries, and his average production has gone down. He has only played 92 games in his last 2 seasons and scored 5 goals and 17 points. His icetime per game has dropped in his last 3 seasons. Aucoin is a risk, at $4 million per season on top of it.
Last season Calgary used 10 defencemen. They scored a total of 46 goals and 165 points.
They stand to lose either Brad Stuart ($2.15 million) or Roman Hamrlik ($3.5 million) or both to free agency in a couple of weeks. Maybe one of those 2 are involved in the deal.
Another bigger-name defenceman signing may yet be in the works.

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