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Who the heck is Drew Miller?

It appears that a kid named Drew Miller (or Miller Lite, as Sleek calls him) will spend time on the top line with Selanne and McDonald tonight. Somebody has to play with those guys, as it won't be Getzlaf anymore, as he is clicking well with Penner and Perry. I'm not sure why Randy Carlyle didn't like Todd Marchant with those 2.

So, to give you a bit of a heads up on this Miller kid:

- the 23-year-old was selected by the Ducks in the 6th round (183rd overall) in 2003.
- born in Dover, New Jersey.
- the brother of Ryan Miller.
- tall and skinny: 6'2" 170 pounds.
- played his first full season with the Portland Pirates this year, playing 79 games, scoring 16 goals, 20 assists. In 3 seasons with the NCAA with Michigan State he played 125 games, scored 39 goals, 47 assists, and 86 points.
- has played 1 game with the Ducks, ever, and that was in Round 1 of this year's playoffs on April 19 in a 4-1 win over Minnesota to clinch that series. He was only on the ice for 2:19 of that game.
- the initial scouting report on him was:
Has decent hands and will play the rough stuff. Sees the ice well and works very hard. Has good size, but he needs to get stronger. He's more then willing to drive to the net and do whatever it takes to win.
- it will be interesting to see how long he plays on the top line.