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Terrace Slide

An enormous landslide occured this past Monday on Highway 16 East of Terrace and perhaps 160 km west of my hometown of Smithers. It is reported that the slide is 40 feet deep and about 150 feet wide. The highway will be closed for several days as geologists survey the area before workers can frantically work to clear the debris.
A forestry road in the Nass Valley may be used as an alternate.
This slide is the first of perhaps a few more to come. There still must be about 13-15 feet or more of snow in the mountains here. With the forecast calling for 25 degrees celsius and higher for the weekend, the threat of flooding will rear it's ugly head by next week. It could be a massive problem here. If it is, I'll be sure to snap a lot of pics of it and post them here.

Info on the slide is from the Vancouver Sun.

Slide Image was graciously stolen by me from a co-worker. Thanks, Jay!

Aerial shot is from

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