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Round 3 Predictions

I'm keeping up with the experts so far. Perhaps Pang and Dreger may have erred in picking Detroit to beat Anaheim, and then I'll catch them. Can any of you really see the Wings taking out the Ducks? I can't.
It looks like Roenick gave up predicting. Probably a good thing. He sucks at it. Almost as bad as the monkey.

When you predict most of the right teams to go to the Final 4, and pick your pool players accordingly, you tend to do well. I am hanging in there in the Waiting For Stanley Playoff Pool so far. Unfortunately, Curl has only lost 4 players so far. I have lost 5. Smarty has lost 10, and the leader, Sundin, has lost 11. So you know how these standing will probably end up after the semi's. It's gonna be me and Curl.

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