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Kesler’s back in the saddle

Good to know that this didn't take too long; I would have hated to miss more chances at seeing him smirk over the next three years. Three years for about or exactly $5.5 million is ironically pretty close if you just took his $1.9 gift from Clarke and added two more years. So now the team just needs him to stay healthy and score. A lot. No problems there right? Of course not.

In the meantime, we add our first FA signing to the almighty list:

So, how about we go back to focusing on maybe one more center and some wingers? I'll review the options on the left side coming up sometime next week.

In the meantime, go Senators next week. If I have to watch Pronger lift that cup, I may snap and I'll be blaming the Ottawa organization in my future civil lawsuits.