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Game 5: Ducks 2 Canucks 1 (OT)

1st Period

Pathetic. Luongo is keeping the Canucks in this one. The Ducks outshot Vancouver 17-6 in the 1st period, as the Nucks look flat and almost uninterested. 2 power plays for Vancouver and they showed a lack of intensity.
I didn't see a lot of speed, chemistry, or anything else good from Vancouver in Period 1. That is inexcusable in a game that you have to win.
Expect Vigneault to rip into these guys during the intermission and a better effort in the 2nd period.

2nd Period

Nevermind. The Ducks score seconds into the 2nd. Fuck. Sammi Pahlsson. Sleek must be beaming.
I can't handle this in a sober state. I'm getting hammered starting right now!!

3rd Period

This is really hard to stomach. We are being outshot 42-14 minutes into the 3rd. Are the Canucks already defeated in their minds in this game? It appears that way. I just can't believe it's only 1-0 when we are being outplayed and outshot that badly. Luongo is god, ladies and gents. And this god is being hung out to dry tonight. What a fucking tragedy.

Burrows bags a rebounder!! 1-1! That came from out of nowhere, didn't it?


Did Luongo go for a 10-minute shit? Dany Sabourin started the OT, and panic set in even more than it had already. Sabourin played well and then Luongo came back in, giving Sabs a tap on the helmut for his good work.