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Former Rangers cheerleader sues Madison Square Garden

From TSN: A former New York Rangers skating cheerleader who sued Madison Square Garden for sexual discrimination has filed hundreds of pages of documents to support her claims and answer the arguments by her former employer that her claims are baseless.
In her suit, Courtney Prince claimed:
1. that her MSG bosses asked her to deliver messages to other cheerleaders that included stuffing their bras, losing weight and looking more presentable. This aparently also icludes them demanding the cheerleaders wear fake eyelashes and hair pieces.
2. that MSG failed to properly protect the cheerleaders from being touched inappropriately when they went into the crowd at Rangers games.
3. that MSG management turned her friends against her by 'pumping' them for information.
4. that she was fired that January after warning fellow cheerleaders that at least one member of management was a sexual predator.

Price is seeking $800,000 in damages, as these events led to health problems such as hyperactivity and deep depression.

MSG is digging up the dirt on her, saying that Price had crass and sexualized behaviour.

I shouldn't even give an opinion of this. I could do without the whole 'cheerleaders in hockey' thing to begin with.
Does it make me a bad person to say that it's ok for management to ask them to stuff their bras and wear all of the other accessories? For god's sake, they are cheerleaders, or EYE CANDY. It should go with the turf that the girls have to look a certain way. It's almost the same as a Hooters employee filing suit because her boss said her shorts weren't short enough. Hey lady, you signed up for the job, didn't you? Suck it up!
As far as what management could do to protect the cheerleaders from 'fondlers', I have no clue.
Court battles are never pretty with blood-sucking lawyers involved, and it's no suprise that MSG is trying to smear Price for her apparent sexual conduct, bringing her integrity into question.

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