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Finals Tidbits: EA Sports Simulates Finals / Giguere is an oaf

It must be a slow hockey news day when TSN puts out a story that EA Sports simulated the upcoming Finals on their NHL 07 game! The Sens took the series in 6 games. Bah, this is what happens when you make us wait so damned long in between series', ya buggers! People get bored and start becoming stupid! Hey, I wonder how high the injuries were turned on for that simulation. One big knock I have on that game is that if you bump up the injury bar in options and then simulate games, there are way too many injuries. At the same setting, you can actually play the games and hardly any injuries occur. I can't believe I'm even talking about this. NEXT!

Damn it, Bob McKenzie wrote a piece about JS Giguere that I was going to tap into tomorrow.
The Sens will need to exploit Giguere's immobility by making him move side-to-side. That is absolutely true! It's strange to be saying this stuff about a goalie that has gotten his team to the Finals twice now.
On most nights it seems that Jiggy drops down to make a save and just lets the puck hit him. He may as well play like that, because he looks like he has cardboard boxes for shoulder pads. Oh yeah, it's true. He lets out a lot of rebounds as well. The Sens' speed game may just prove too much for him. Then again, why didn't Detroit capitalize on this notion? Oh right, because they suck.
Then again, right when you say that, he flashes out his glove hand and makes a great glove save. I'm not going to underestimate Giguere too much here.

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