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Canucks injury news

From the Vancouver Province:
"We think there's a possibility I might have to undergo surgery again," Brendan Morrison said Sunday during wrap-up day at GM Place. "I can't tell you when it's going to be or if it's going to be. But I think there's something wrong."
Morrison said he felt sore pushing off, a common trait for such an injury.
"Coming back up ice on the backcheck, it was really pretty tender to do a 100-per-cent push and it just kind of lingered."

Rory Fitzpatrick suffered a torn labrum in his shoulder in Game 2 against the Ducks. He is consulting doctors to see if surgery is required.

Kevin Bieksa said he had the flu during his absences in Round 2, but, of course, in reality he had 3 stomach muscle tears: 2 oblique tears in the front and 1 in the back. That injury occurred in Game 6 against Dallas.
"It bothered me for a bit and when I was clearing the puck on a penalty kill, I kind of had some resistance from the other guy's stick and the torque on my body is where I really felt it," Bieksa said.

Cooke said he would have been ready if the Canucks had played a 6th game against Anaheim. Too little too late, Cooker.

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