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What we need is a little distraction…You got an atomic bomb?

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Leave it to good old Hannibal to provide an apt Canuck quote on the morning of game two. I wonder if a small thermonuclear incident would provide just enough distraction for the Canucks to score more then once or twice? C'mon, if you watch 24 you know they did it already. And it WAS in Southern California, I'm just connecting the dots here people...

In all honesty I didn't watch much of the first game. I had a long Thursday and could only stomach the first period which, from what I can tell, was about all I needed to see. Once the Ducks bothered to wake up and play, it was very much men against boys and it's rare you see Luongo turned into an Auld clone, almost getting whiplash by having to look behind him so often. Chuck in some key injuries and MORE boneheaded penalties (and Bieksa wasn't even playing) and 5-1 is a lucky score to slink away with. It's not cool that fudge-necked McDonald basically had his way with us too.

I'm curious how many magic tricks Vigneault has left for this team. I know it's just one game and a win tonight makes it a whole new series...but honestly, short of yelling at the guys again or benching Lui (haha just kidding, he's not certifiable) his skill as a hockey coach is just as much in the bright blinding spotlight as Naslund's leadership (and, to that point, to say both Morrison and Naslund need to find their offensive pulse would be a comical understatement). This team has far better hockey to offer, so let’s hope Vigneault will find a way to make the boys show it tonight. If not, maybe Viggy can take a passionate coaching note from this lady.

I'll be back tonight to liveblog the game. In the meantime, let’s laugh at more ducks: