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What the hell is she thinking?

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I get a kick out of this picture because of the woman in the background with a sign that says: "Luongo is Dreamy." Keep holding it up! I don't think he can see it! Oh, you're just trying to get on TV.....
Hey lady, how about you quit distracting him! If he gets too confident, he starts playing the puck more often....oh shit...too late...1-0 Ducks. Bitch!

Between that lady, and Beetlejuice with the "Taylor Pyatt Has Beautiful Eyes" sign, I think some Vancouver fans need to get their head out of Seventeen Magazine and create signs that actually relate more to hockey, like:

"Hey Luongo, let's play a game. First person to play the puck gets their head shaved."


"Hey Louie, close your legs"


"Hey Pyatt, if your shot looked as good as your eyes do, we wouldn't be 1-for-20 on the powerplay in this series."


"Hey Pyatt, pretend the net is a mascara stand and go stand in front of it!"

OK, I'm kidding around. I'm done now. Unless somebody has something to add to that.

Want to read something that is really comical? Check out Jes Golbez's Jan Bulis post.

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