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Waiting For Stanley Playoff Pool

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Feel free to join my Waiting For Stanley Playoff Hockey Pool. I will send the winner a $50 dollar cheque! That prize isn't nearly as creative as Mike Halford's prize at the Orland Kurtenblog Playoff Pool (a flat of Molson Canadian!) But hey, a cheque is easier, and everyone likes money! And yes, I did join Mike's pool! I'm thirsty...

All you have to do is sign in or register at The Common Fan hockey pool page, which is quick and easy, and then join my (or anyone else's) pools.


-Pick 20 forwards or defencemen
-Players get points for goals, assists, shorthanded goals, and game-winning goals.
-You can adjust your roster up until the first playoff game starts. After that, you better start praying.
-Don't do anything stupid like pick Hurricanes or Oilers.
-Win! Make me look like I don't know hockey, and take $50 of my hard-earned money!
-If I win, you all pay me $50! (I'm kidding)