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Two groins, a finger and a wonky skull

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...when it rains it pours. Ryan Kesler can’t flick off the visitor's bench, Matt Cooke and Rick Rypien have come down with a nasty case of "the Jovanovski" and Burrows is busy fighting agents in the matrix of his own mind. Awesome.

So, it’s Santala time (doesn’t he look happy?) along with call-ups Nathan Smith and Jannik Hansen.

What’s that? Nathan who and Jannik what?

Nathan Smith
- Fourth in points (40) on the Moose
- Vancouver’s first choice, 23rd overall, in the 2000 NHL Entry Draft

Jannik Hansen
Seventh in points (34) on the Moose
- Vancouver's 9th choice, 287th overall, in 2004 NHL Entry Draft
- Will be one of the first Danish players to play in the NHL. I think Frans Nielsen beat him, but I could be wrong

So….yeah, there you go. We could still see Burrows tonight, Cooke’s less likely and Kesler is a late second round addition at best.

Snooping around the Dallas papers this morning, it seems the best they can do is talk about their resiliency (which is bad news since I’m sure the Versus mouths will talk that up for the second straight game) and they seem to be convinced they know how to beat Luongo consistently. Hey, whatever, the Canucks have figured out how to beat Turco too. So there you go, golf claps all around.

The Canucks will need to give the "Stars" far less room then they did on Wednesday. The defense needs to tighten up and not let people like overrated-Nagy double chances at shots and rebounds. While the injuries suck, at least the D is intact. Hell, we may even see Cracker Sopel.

I’ll be liveblogging it and my fears have been confirmed that I’ll have Versus to deal with again. Expect much cursing.