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The sky is falling…and I want my mommy

It's a Jello Biafra Saturday morning. Golf claps all around.

But I thought of that post title this morning reading about the VAN/DAL series. Mostly because it's all starting to slant back towards the Stars. They have all the momentum following their big win in game 5, the E train is back, Turco is starting to get respect and the Stars know how to win and beat the Canucks now. For Vancouver? Well, the Sedins can't score, Naslund isn't getting points either and, well, how will they ever score again? Is this going to be another game 7 heart breaker followed by a summer of questions, etc.? Was this team just lucky all year long and deserve this epic collapse? Is that it?

So, yeah, the sky is falling. And perhaps you want your mother. If that's all I can read this morning, then let me provide you with a simple solution to tide you over until the drop of the puck tonight:

Nuff said. Enjoy.