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Tension in Leafland / Hab World

It seems that everyone in Toronto and Montreal is watching the Islanders / Flyers game today and praying for an Islander loss, preventing them from taking the Leafs or Habs' 8th seed tomorrow.

The folks at Battle of Ontario are crossing their fingers. The Isles are up 3-1 after 2 periods. Hey, this is only Philly. The real test for New York comes tomorrow against New Jersey. A loss there is a little more realistic. The Devils have 6 wins and only 1 loss to the Islanders this year.

Reality Check at Eyes on the Prize throws his digs in on the Leafs today. He is super confident (like most damned Habs fans are) that Montreal is going to win tonight. The class photo shown here is apparently him (haha). But what do you expect, living in the bowels of Ontario (Cornwall) and being a Habs fan!! :) You should have been beaten for that!
Go Leafs go!

On a depressing note: The talk of Mats Sundin's future (or lack thereof) is already being thrown out there in a piece by ESPN's Scott Burnside 1 goal in 19 games and a potential missed playoff spot will do that to ya. But what I am really thinking is: Hey Burnside - Kiss my pastey white backside! First things first. That is a story maybe for tomorrow, not today, you f***!

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