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North Texas Food Bank

Before I get to an analysis of the first round with filthy Dallas, I have to hold true to my ornery bet. Specifically, what charity in Dallas is getting my flow for every glorious "Jesus did Luongo just bend time and space to make that save" Vancouver victory?

After fishing around and checking out the zillions of options (seriously, it's uber-depressing), I'm going to run with the North Texas Food Bank. These good people help feed the 13 north Texas counties with food because, sadly, there's over half a million families there living below the federal poverty line. That's mindboggling in this day and age, especially considering where I live has enough food to lethally harden your arteries five times before you hit the ground. This sort of stuff infuriates me.

At any rate, I’m glad to help out these folks and hopefully sometime tomorrow I'll post yet another playoff preview to join all the others.