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News out of Dallas

First off, here is a clip of the post game thoughts of both coaches, Linden, Naslund, Morrow and Turco.

From JJ Taylor of the Dallas Morning News:

Now, they (Stars) have a legitimate opportunity to win one more game and extend the series, but it's going to take another committed effort to get it done. Perhaps these Stars play better as underdogs because they simply can't handle the pressure of expectations.

Think about it. The Stars said they liked the idea of starting a series on the road because it meant Vancouver had all the pressure. All the Stars needed to do was win a game, get a split and get back to Dallas.

Of course, when they returned to Dallas, the Stars felt pressure to seize control of the series and promptly lost both games, giving Vancouver a commanding lead. At least it took the pressure off the Stars, because no one outside of their locker room gave them a shot to win.

The pressure remains on Vancouver to win the series. The Stars have the Canucks right where they want them.

Steve Ott said this post game: When asked about the Eriksson play that almost led to an empty-net own-goal,
``I honestly almost threw up on the bench.''

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