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Modano sounds frustrated / Flames may rally at home

Green with envy?

I love it. I can remember a time when we used to think this way about Dallas over the past few years. Now their star player Mike Modano is saying it about the Canucks:
"The scoring chances are slim and none out there," he said. "You try to make the most of it when you do get it. You've got to work through their checkers, then you've got to go through (defenceman Willie) Mitchell and then you've still got Luongo ... We've got our hands full.".

Haha! Is that beautiful or what? Modano has no goals in the series so far. Let's keep it that way!
Of course, I'm not taking anything away from Dallas, who can do the same thing to us.

Fire at Home

"I think these games are going to be a little bit different and I can expect more than 20 shots," Dominic Hasek said today. "They'll be home and will be throwing everything at us, so I expect more traffic and more work for me this time."
Hasek faced 20 shots in game 1 and 15 shots in game 2. That isn't going to cut it for Calgary.
These stats spell out the misery of Calgary:
-They have been outshot 97-35 in the first 2 games.
-The have been outscored 7-2. Their goals-for is worst overall, just below the Wild.
-Captain Jarome Iginla has 0 goals and 0 assists and 2 shots. It all starts with Iginla.
-They are nearly last in almost every stat except penalty killing, where they are middle of the pack at 86.7% efficiency.
The Flames will have to put the embarassment of the first 2 games out of their minds. They will no doubt be energized by their fans playing at home for games 3 and 4, and will have to win both games in order to have much hope at all. Maybe then they can find their identity and get on a roll. I'm not counting them out yet. Should be a great game tomorrow night.

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