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It's time

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I won't even get into analysing the Canucks-Coyotes game today, because it was a waster.
The timeouts to give Roenick and Cujo appreciation was a nice touch by Gretzky no doubt. As much as I admire Cujo, I must say, I have not respected/cared less about Roenick since he was traded by Chicago to Phoenix for Alexei Zhamnov in 1996.

Now comes the 2nd season. The name Waiting For Stanley stems from a feeling I always have after every post season ends. In my 32 year-old life the Leafs and/or Canucks have failed to claim the Holy Grail. The Canucks have come close twice, in '82 and '94, and the Leafs have not made a Cup Final appearance since 7 years before my conception, their last Cup win in 1967.

This season, a less-skilled but more defensive Canucks team enters the playoffs after an offseason of change and a successful regular season.
How much is to be expected of this bunch? How will Luongo play in hisvfirst post season?
Will the Canucks remain poised under Vigneault, unlike the choking squad under Crawford?

The answers will soon become clear on Wednesday when the Canucks begin their series at home against Dallas. I've got a good feeling about this squad.

The Leafs, however, will be praying for sunny weather to work on their tans.

Predictions are coming soon!

Western Conference
(1) Detroit vs (8) Calgary
(2) Anaheim vs (7) Minnesota
(3) Vancouver vs (6) Dallas
(4) Nashville vs (5) San Jose

Eastern Conference
(1) Buffalo vs (8) NY Islanders
(2) New Jersey vs (7)Tampa Bay
(3) Atlanta vs (6) NY Rangers
(4) Ottawa vs (5) Pittsburgh