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It’s always darkest just before it goes completely black.

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7:28 - Earl Sleek of BoC fame has risen the bar in the A-Team references (and pictures). So I may have to flip this entire blog concept over to a Canucks A-Team fan site. And simply dominate the google searches for those two all at once. I found yet another solid Hannibal quote; which teams for both Anaheim and Vancouver will show up tonight? How's Anaheim going to respond after dropping the OT game? Here's hoping they ate at Turco's favorite place last night, eh? Also here's hoping we stop losing D-men because you know it's bad when Tremblay and his stellar -119 career stat make an appearance in a big game three. Ugh.

At any rate, I'll liveblog the game again but the coverage may slip a bit between 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM ET because of the Sopranos. My apologies...but mob murders are one of my things what can I say?

7:57 - Vs is showing a BBQ championship show right now. That's a fine lead in to an NHL playoff game. I wonder what constitutes a BBQ judge? Mike Davis advanced to the finals though for all those Davis groupies out there.

8:02 - The Vs color guy is Dave (or Andy?) Buckley Brickley. Vs has no information on him, but I am just so happy to see him there rather then that goalie who we will not name. I see Vancouver is going vintage tonight. Schweeet.

8:11 - And we're off! I'd kill for a Cowan goal...and Sami Salo is in tonight? Excellent...

8:13 - Once again the Canucks have some great early pressure and Giguere just had a monster save on Bulis. Wow, good early pace here if you're rooting for the whales.

8:14 - Goodie, they're highlighting Brad May. I wonder if Brad even likes himself anymore?

8:16 - Oooof. Penner was left all alone and the Duck forecheck makes the Canucks pay early. Damn it all, on the first shot too. 1-0 Duckies.

8:21 - Just as I was thinking the Canucks look a little rattled, they get some decent chances by the Bulis line and then Smoke walks in but can't beat Giguere on two attempts.

8:24 - Vs just focused in on May again and said he called Johnsson a few days after the hit. Man I would have loved to hear that phone call. "Ummm, sorry dude. I do that shit sometimes. We cool?"

8:26 - And the Canuck puppet show for kids known as their powerplay goes to work; Nieds gets two for hooking.

8:28 - Wow, a gift from the heavens. Pronger and Nieds are off; massive five on three chance now.

8:31 - The PP is just hilariously bad. And there goes the gift from heaven. Oh well.

8:33 - Canucks are outshooting the Ducks 10-2. So...they got that going for them...

8:37 - Beautiful pass from Smoke to Bulis and Jan decides to fire a wrister right into Giguere's logo. You show 'em Bulis...try and knock the stitching out of the 'D' so he has to be an Anaheim uck. That'll show 'em.

8:42 - Fucking hell...Ohlund gets crunched a bit and looks shaken. The other Nieds goes into the box for let the sideshow attraction of a power play begin again. 3 for 52 in the post season so far. Good lord...someone tell Pyatt to park his ass in front of Giguere and not to move until there's a goal celebration.

8:45 - Getzlaf clears the puck and he gets two minutes. I like the Ducks thinking here...Vancouver is SO bad with the extra guy that it behooves them to play short handed. Carlyle, you sly dog you...

8:46 - Opps...I take the previous comment back. Briefly. Briefly enough to celebrate like a mad man seeing Ohlund's shot landing behind Giggy and Nazzy pokes it home to tie it up. Sonofabitch...1-1 everyone.

8:48 - Killer PP goal by the captain in the final minute to give the crowd something to think about heading into the second. Be back shortly.

9:04 - You may have to help me liveblog in the comments...flipping between two programs now!

9:09 - Still tied 1-1...but the brabarian is mic'ed up. Excellent. If he says "bras", everyone drinks.

9:13 - Speak of the devil, Cowan just had a hell of a chance but couldn't tuck it in. So close...

9:17 - Perry take a call, so the "Gigli" of all powerplays goes back to work! (sorry to all your Mariah fans out are out there right?)

9:23 -
Beauchemin cashes in for the Ducks and they retake the lead 2-1. Damn it all.

9:31 - Daniel pots the equalizer...I missed it though. Was it nice? Of course it was, it's Sedin for christ sakes. 2-2 everybody dance now.

9:43 - End of the second and we have a tied game going into what should be a great third period.

9:59 - And the third starts and you have my complete attention now. Bulis zips down the board and forces
Beauchemin to take a call. Here comes Gigli again...

10:01 - And Pahlsson takes a call now. Another five on three? Oh Gigli, c'mon you tease...we can get one here...

10:04 - Well, so much for that. The Ducks kill off the two man advantage and Pyatt takes a interference call in which Getzlaf dances and sells it a bit. Whatever...just go back to five on five.

10:07 - Bulis saucers a pass that just skips behind Pyatt during a two on one rush and we're still tied. Now Perry takes a call and we'll rock some Gigli time again. know your power play sucks when you (re: me) doesn't want to see it at all anymore.

10:10 - That puck is taking some crazy bounces around Giguere but he's good for every PP attempt. What are we, 1 for 8 now? Sounds about right.

10:14 - Christ the Ducks make that whole scoring on the man advantage thing seem easy. Perry gets the go ahead with less then 12 minutes to play. 3-2 Ducks.

10:18 - Kunitz absolutely rocks Ohlund and then Mitchell levels Moen. You know, I would love to see Cooke or Kesler in a game like this. Damn I miss the energy they bring...

10:21 - That clock is moving fast; the Canucks need to start playing with more urgency and get more rubber on Giguere. Which will be sort of hard when Sopel takes a hooking penalty on a Bulis giveaway. Doh.

10:29 - Pahlsson has a goofy picture; his forehead is mammoth. Along with McDonald, you got some wacky looking Duckies out there.

10:31 - Less then three to go and the Ducks are doing a good job of making it damn near impossible to get into their zone. Luongo should be pulled in the next 60 seconds and then a sprint to the finish line.

10:34 - Lui's gone and the Ducks (fudged neck actually) hit the post on an empty net chance. This is bedlam. Giguere makes a huge save at the end and the late fury doesn't cash in. Ducks take the game and the series lead.

Post game - Well, I simply can't be angry with this game. The refs were on acid, but that aside both teams felt evenly matched and the Canucks caught up twice and certainly had their chances. Credit Giguere who made several amazing saves (the game would have been 3-1 in the first if he hadn't). Penner's goal is the real shitkicker because that mental hiccup shouldn't have happened. But the Canucks showed some great effort to tie it twice and not let the game get out of control.

Sorry for all those Vancouver bashers out there, but Anaheim simply is not walking
away with this series without a fight. Tonight was a good example of what this series is likely to keep going as: a low scoring affair and physical as all hell. With some pointed language from
Vigneault, I'm sure the Canucks can bounce back and take game three. We'll see how that plays out on Tuesday.