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How to ruin your Sunday

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Wikipedia Fun Fact: "...the manner of pronouncing from memory the 32 points of the compass, known in maritime training as "boxing the compass," is described by Ansted (A Dictionary of Sea Terms, Brown Son & Ferguson, Glasgow, 1933) with pronunciations "Nor'east (or west)," "Nor' Nor'-east (or west)," "Nor'east b' east (or west)," and so forth. According to the OED, the first recorded use of the term "nor'easter" occurs in 1836 in a translation of Aristophanes. The term "nor'easter" naturally developed from the historical spellings and pronunciations of the compass points and the direction of wind or sailing."

Boxing the compass! Use that in a conversation at some point today and people will think you’re smart.

Let me introduce some brevity: When it rains so much that you break 100 year old weather records, guess what? Shit floods. And for me that meant getting caught away from home without access to the internet or a TV with Versus on it. I know, that last point is just totally shocking.

So first my apologies, I promised to drink and liveblog the third edition of "I hate the Stars" saga and I missed it. I will do better tomorrow, I promise. That is unless the flooding literally lifts the NYC metro area off its tectonic plate and we literally float out into the Atlantic. If that happens, then I’ll suddenly have ocean view property, will sell it for millions and go live high in the mountains somewhere far from everyone.

Looking at last night’s game recaps, it’s probably best for everyone involved that I did miss it. From what I can tell, the Canucks flat start would have sent me into another fit of rage, Dallas scoring first would have meant I may have broken something and see overrated Nagy kicking Luongo would have made me grab the first Czech person I see and knock their block off (ah, irrationality. It’s beautiful sometimes). Then again, seeing Bulis and Hansen tie it up, see the Sedins and Naslund put together solid shifts and seeing Pyatt, who I called out repeatedly in game two as not being on the ice may have made up for it. From what I can tell, sounds like a typical tight checking game that needed OT for the Canucks to win again. Not bad. Not bad at all.

It’ll be interesting to see how the Stars respond now. Certainly getting more traffic and mugging Luongo seems to be in the cards no matter what so Vigneault has to be able to counter that somehow. A win tomorrow night would be huge; giving the Canucks a chance to clinch at home and a few days off to recuperate would be huge. We’ll see, hopefully the bounces go their way tomorrow and Nagy gets Cowaned (or Burrowed or, hell, even Hansened!) at some point too. I know, I should say that Linden’s hit on Sydor righted the wrongs in the universe but…nope, sorry.