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Frustration reigns supreme in Dallas

Mitchell is god

I found this post interesting in the Dallas Morning News Blog today:
Brenden Morrow was really upset tonight. He's been around this and he wants to know what the heck the team is doing wrong, why it can't catch a break. I'm not sure why, either.

It's funny, Willie Mitchell had the most memorable play of the playoffs for the Stars last season, in my opinion. Joe Sakic was standing on the doorstep taking three whacks at Marty Turco and Mitchell stood by and did nothing. Sakic scored, and it was clear the Stars were going to allow the Avalanche to go to the net for the whole series.

This year, Mitchell rushes back and swipes a sure tying goal by Ribeiro off the goal line.

I'm not sure what that means, but it has to mean something.

Can I take a stab at that? Maybe it's because he WANTS to play here. On top of that, he fits in well with Alain Vigneault's system.

Modano's disappointed...still

"This feels a lot like last year; a lot of just-abouts, a lot of overtime goals, not being able to score in the playoffs," Stars center Mike Modano admitted.

Mike, may your disappointments continue for just one more game!

Don't get too cocky

I am feeling somewhat optimistic about the Canucks closing out this series soon. What really intensifies my cautiousness though is the fact that any of these games can go either way. Yesterday, in a sense, it came down to Lehtinen missing an open net on the 5-on-3 and Mitchell clearing the puck off the goal line.
If we were blowing them out 4-1 in these games I'd have more confidence. But we're not. It's down to bounces and few-and-far-between mistakes in this series. If Dallas gets a few bounces soon and takes some momentum, then anything can happen.

The last time the Canucks lost 3 games in a row (which is what it would take for Dallas to win the series) was December 19-22nd.

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