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Dude, seriously?

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Google analytics is telling me that I am getting a decent amount of traffic off searches for "taylor pyatt girlfriend". Now, I can see getting traffic for cursing, A-team quotes or drinking, but seriously, I don't recall becoming a gossip rag in the last nine months. So, for the record, I have no idea if myspace has a girlfriend.

(An aside: I've also learned there is a Looks like some college Canada-America political relations thing that got no love at all. Here's a fun post for my Canadian friends.)

So, while I'm left to wonder if Pyatt is hitched, I went a'looking for some hockey wives. First off, I know I've referenced
this picture before. But I'll do so again to show you hotties and another reason, if case you need it, to root against Rob Blake.

Secondly, does anyone have any idea who
these two are? Is that Nazzy and Bertuzzi's wive's respectively? If so, nothing against our captain but, man, that woman doesn't look like she'd smile if you paid her (
update: I stand corrected, she does react! And her name is Lotta Naslund?! I could have a field day with this, but I won't...). I'd make a comment about Bertuzzi's wife too, but I don't want to be get on his bad side since he's geographically closer to me now. Mr. Morrison is taken as well, so stop your searches ladies!

Other findings include a gaggle (that is the appropriate term for more then one wife standing in a group right?) of
Blue Jacket wives, Tverdosky (him holding the cup is more offensive really), Alexei Semenov (who? what?), Bryce Salvador, Geoff Sanderson, something for the Oil to go home to after they lose, miscellaneous Wild wivery, older Bruin little ladies, a lot of Flyer committed relationships, Daniel Alfredsson, Patrick Marleau and, obviously, the Great One's one and friggin Yashin.

I know there are more out there but I'm too lazy to go find them. Maybe that's a good offseason project...a wife blogroll or image-roll. What the hell?

Oh yeah,
the Canucks play tonight. Perhaps a clinch is in order so we can focus on next week and I can get my ornery drinking schedule set.