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Canucks / Stars Game 5 Preview

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"We're probably more frustrated than the fans are," Morrow said. "We're the ones that go through it day in and day out ... 82 games, the hard work, the injuries, all the adversities. It's been a long road to get here. Our effort has been OK. It hasn't been good enough. It's been frustrating."
It's all about frustration. To me, it seems that the Stars are defeated in their own minds already. I have not read anywhere in the Dallas media where someone says they are going to come back from this 3-1 deficit. So not even the fans believe in them.
That would change with a win by Dallas in Vancouver tonight. The Canucks are going to have to keep their composure against a team that is playing like they have everything to lose. Smothering the Stars' offensive talents and scoring the first goal tonight would really help. You know, show some killer instinct.


Dallas will be without Jussi Jokinen tonight, who suffered an 'upper-body injury' in game 4. Big deal. Joke hasn't done a thing in these playoffs (1 assist). Neither has the other 'Stars' in this series.
Morrow: 1 goal 1 assist
Modano: 1 assist, 11 shots
Ribeiro the Spineless Star Weasel: 1 assist, 4 shots
Hagman: 1 assist

Krys Barch will take Joke's place.The 6'2" Guleph Ontario native is more of a muscle head than anything else.

Eric Lindros travelled with the team to Vancouver and could play tonight. But Lindy Lindy Lindros only had 5 goals and 21 assists in 49 games with the Stars this season. He is pointless in his last 8 games. He has not played since March 8th. Hopefully Linden gives him a stiff elbow and ends his career and that will be the end of it.

The Canucks looked loose at practice yesterday.

Matt Cooke is not skating with the team yet.


Not to sound too much like Ian MacIntyre here, but what was the last time the Canucks had a 3-1 lead in a series and finished the team off in Game 5?
Answer: the Dallas Stars in round 2 of the 1994 playoffs.


2-1 Canucks. It's a safe bet. But I wouldn't guarantee a win for the Nucks here. It's going to be tough, and now we'll see what they are really made of. Rejoice in the fact that Vigneault is a great puppet master and should keep these guys cool.

Temujin predicted a 4-1 Canucks score tonight and had said pre-series that the Canucks would take this series in 5. I scoffed at his over-confidence.....until now...

Here's a little tune to cheer you up if you're in doubt.

**UPDATE 1**
TSN interviewed Kevin Bieksa on TSN Broadband a few hours ago. Bieksa said that we will see the Canucks' best effort tonight because they don't want to go back to Dallas and they don't want to give them any momentum at all. See the clip here.

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