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Canucks / Kings Preview

So it all comes down to this. The Canucks have a 3-point lead on the Wild and still with a game in hand. Tonight's game against the Kings is a must-win for a couple of reasons. For one, the Kings are not that good and Vancouver needs to bury a weaker team. Secondly, the Wild are playing the Oilers tonight and on Thursday night, as well playing the Blues to close out their season. Don't put it past Minnesota to win all 3 of those games and take 6 points.
The Canucks are in a little more tough than that, but really should clinch the Division. After tonight we play the Avalanche on Thursday, the Sharks on Saturday, and the Coyotes on Sunday to finish off the season. All they have to do is win 2 of those and they are guaranteed NW Champs. Piece of cake right?
The Kings have lost 4 in a row, including a 4-2 loss to the Canucks last Thursday.
We need to see a better 60-minute effort from the Canucks than what we saw against the Flames on Saturday.

Sami Salo will play tonight, and that will be a huge boost. Yannick Tremblay has been sent back to Manitoba.

My prediction: 5-2 Canucks. Dan Sedin (2) Pyatt, Naslund, Salo. For the Kings: Cammalleri and Brown.

Anyone else?

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