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Canucks Injuries / Edler Recalled/Naslund Calls Nucks Underdogs **UPDATED**

From TSN:
Defenceman Sami Salo is probable for Game 1 (flu and back) and Kevin Bieksa says he is questionable (undisclosed). Coach Alain Vigneault said both blueliners will play against Anaheim.
But Vigneault doesn't specify which game Bieksa will be back. And probable isn't 100% for Salo. This sucks.

The Canucks are taking no chances, as they called up Alex Edler today. Edler did score a goal against the Ducks this season in a 2-1 loss November 30th. I guess we could expect to see Rory Fitzpatrick play first, and Edler second in the absenses of Salo and/or Bieksa.


From Sportsnet:
One question for the Canucks is the health of defenceman Kevin Bieksa. He missed parts of Game 6 and the final two-and-a-half minutes of Game 7 with what the team is calling a flu."I'm not feeling good and had some blood work done and I'm waiting for the results," Bieksa said. "I don't exactly know what it is, but I'm trying to find out."The Canucks say Bieksa will play but the defenceman isn't so sure."Obviously I want to play in the playoffs and help my team out, but if I can't help my team, there's no point in playing," he said.

Markus Naslund is referring to the Canucks as underdogs now. From Sportsnet:
"I think we are an underdog," Naslund said before boarding a plane to Anaheim Tuesday. "That works fine for us."
The Ducks are well rested and playing at home, but Naslund thinks the short turn around between series could help the Canucks.
I think it could work in our favour," he said. "We have all the adrenaline going still. Hopefully we can keep carrying on. We know it's going to be a tough building to go in and play. I think we are ready and it's gong to be fun."
I agree that the Canucks are underdogs. I don't like their chances from a realistic point of view, plus the TSN panelists and I'm sure most other outlets are picking the Ducks to win this series.
It's good that the Canucks are aware that no one is predicting them to win. It sure didn't hurt them against Dallas in Game 7 did it?

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