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Canucks 4 Kings 2

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Alain Vigneault continues to work wonders with this team to get them to win. The Kings were up 2-0 on a sluggish, non-clicking Canucks team last night until Vigneault made some changes to the lines and got results out of them.

Smolinski- from Dan and Hank (PP)
Pyatt- from Bulis and Linden
Cooke- from Morrison and Naslund (PP)

"Sometimes you've got to mix and match to create a little bit of execution and a little bit more intensity," said Vigneault. "That's what we did and it seemed to work out."

Hey, whatever works. Last night it seemed to be Bryan Smolinski who really stood out and played well. Or alot better than he has lately. He may stick on the Sedin line for a while.

The biggest difference in this game?
The referees and the powerplays. 4 of the 6 goals scored were on the powerplay. Both Kings goals were with the man advantage.

My 3 Stars:

1. Dan Sedin. (2 assists, 3 shots)
2. Bryan Smolinski. (1 goal, strong game)
3. Anze Kopitar. No points but was all over the place last night. Anze's got the inside moves.

Hats off to Jenny, who picked the Canucks to win this one 4-2.

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