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Bonus Drunkblog Coverage!

Because the Canucks gave me no reason to enjoy whiskey, I am left to look to the Wild to do it. Why the Wild? Because it's a NW team, Jes likes their Czechs and I can't stand Pronger winning. So let's go!

11:49 - Gabornik scores! Just when I start paying attention! Luck, skill, coincidence or just my fucking luck the wrong team scores when I want them to? You decide!

11:50 - Wild back on the PP. They look as inept as Vancouver on the man advantage. That sucks for them.

11:57 - Good D work to stop Teemu on the break there. C'mon Wild, score one. For Vancouver. Shhh...don't tell them I said that.

12:00 - Minny on the man advantage. Let's see these Czech lads put something nice together.

12:05 - Anaheim is so fucked up they have the goal judge in the rafters. I kid you not. Then again, you don't really need the goal judge, but to have him almost as far as away from the goal line as possible...WOW. Good on ya Anaheim, that's a great middle finger to the NHL braintrusts.

12:08 - This game may take 4 OT's to figure out. I just heard the commentator say Brad May. Wow, he's on the ice? OK, let's go May! Wait, he's a Duck. Scratch that, fuck May! Go Wild!

12:13 - Johnsson takes a penalty. Damn you. Don't play like a Flyer D man just because you used to be one. If Pronger scores, may you rot in hell.

12:13 - Getzlaf scored. I can't help but notice the Anaheim fans are swinging orange towels. Wow, thanks Burke. Why not sell them more Canuck ideas?

12:17 - The guy with the "I do every hole" porn mustache is in the box. Parros. I have no idea what he did. I'll just guess he said something inappropriate to a 5 year old boy in the first row.

12:19 -
Getzlaf just scored a shorthanded backhander. Is that even possible? I may be damning this team by watching them. Sorry about that. That's a shit goal to let in though. Poor coverage and Backstrum shat the bed on it.

12:22 - One more period to go. Wild have to make up for a lot of space now. Did you know you a team named the Wild could be beaten by a name like "
Getzlaf"? The power is in the letter Z. Stare at're amazed aren't you? It's talking to you isn't it? Tread'll never hold up in court if you murder because the letter Z told you too. But I'll believe you, for what it's worth.

12:41 - Long third period ahead for the Wild. I just wanted them to score a goal. Because Vancouver could not. Let's go goal scorers!

12:49 - The Wild have nothing here. It's almost as annoying to watch as the Canuck game. Except the Wild can actually score and press the game on the Ducks. So...yeah...go NW champs!

12:56 - Waltz stopped a puck with his face. THAT is the best news I've had all night. Go Waltz facial injuries!

1:03 - The Wild are dying on the vine here. They're looking at game #3 now. C'mon, you have the Boogeyman! Send a message at least!

1:09 - Koivu's bastard brother (I cannot confirm that) scores a goal, so it's a one marker game now. What if? What if "Land of a Thousand Lakes" state? Do it for Johan Santana...he lost tonight!

1:14 - Well, they're about to lose. So nothing I did went right tonight. The Northwest division needs some love badly.

Don't worry fans! I'll be back on Sunday to try and give the Canucks a boost in game 3. Think positively and I'll talk to you then!