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A face only a mother can love. I think. I’ll have to ask her.

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Somewhere along the fine line that separates sane rational discussion and the inane ranting of a barely coherent madman yelling at you from a street corner about the apocalypse while wearing nothing but a traffic cone on his head...lies this dear old blog of mine.

This site isn't even a year old yet, but to say I've gone above and beyond my original intent of complaining about this team's inability to [insert topic here] on a nightly basis would be an understatement. I got a boost when I started seeing this site creep into blogrolls on other sites I've been reading for sometime; it got a big boost when the fine people at allowed me to borrow their fan blog every now and then.

Now, following some other Canuck bloggers, yours truly will be on your TV at 6:00 PM PT tomorrow night during the sports component of the evening news. Heron Hanuman of CTV was kind enough to take an interest in my story and put a small piece together about the sad saga that is my life of being a diehard Canuck fan without having ever stepped foot in the city. And Whistler has been taunting me from afar for years now, but that’s neither here nor there…

I think you can watch online from this link and click on Tuesday; it should run at around 6:50 or so. If not, just go turn on your TV but hide the children (you’ll understand what the phrase "face for radio" really means). And hopefully a cat doesn’t get stuck in a tree somewhere and I get bumped. But many thanks to both Heron and CTV, it was great fun to put this all together with him and his team.

Sorry for interrupting the Ducks/Canucks stuff; feel free to watch wacky teenagers beat up a duck doll to get your hate back on for tomorrow night. Peace, out!