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I’m not nuts, I’m condiments. I’ve been promoted.

Another Friday, another A-Team quote. Anyone else ready for the punk Walz and the Wild on Sunday with the division lead on the line? Oddly enough, they have their third goalie in (who is doing fine) and we have one of the best. In contrast, they can score in bunches and we need Jeff Cowan to score timely goals. It should be which I mean frustrating enough that I'll put my foot through the wall or just start sobbing silently to myself.

Josh Green injured his knee against the Dogs and will gone for 4-6 weeks. So welcome back Santala; congrats on being the backup plan. Here's a tip: try getting more pucks on net and not, oh, five feet to the left or right this time around. Play well, I'm sure Chouinard, Rypien, Moran and Reid will be practicing their voodoo on ya accordingly.

Go Canucks Go