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Ian Clark changed Luongo's stance

Ian Clark had to work with Luongo to improve his mobility earlier in the season. From the Vancouver Sun today:
"The problem with his stance was he was too wide and locking in too early," Clark said. "He was using all his width in his stance so he had nowhere to extend. We actually narrowed him a little bit and heightened him."

By "locking in low and wide," Luongo was actually reducing his mobility, one of his most important assets.

"We worked a lot on being more upright, especially when the play isn't as threatening as it is when the puck is in tight," Luongo said. "For me, there are two areas it really helped me out -- my mobility and reading the play better.

"If you're more wide and crouched down, you lock in more on the shooter and sometimes you can't react to the pass."

Hey, I don't mean to brag...ok, yeah I do... but we were all over that in mid-October, thanks to a family member of mine who works with Clark in the summer.