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Flames stand by former teammate Chris Simon

Well at least some of the Flames players are making a bit of sense on the Chris Simon matter. Sure, they don't agree with Simon's act, but they do realize an underlying issue.
"It's one thing to be a fiery guy, a hard worker, intense, a guy that crashes and bangs, but it's another thing to take advantage of guys," says Rhett Warrener. "You see a lot of that now -- guys exposed and in vulnerable positions, and they just eat that stuff up. Guys aren't protected at all by the league in that respect. Maybe they should worry about that stuff, too."

"It's not the tough guys you have to worry about because they police themselves," says Darren McCarty. "It's the guys who play that pest role who aren't held accountable. All I can say is when I first came into the league, stuff like that didn't happen with those guys because the rules were a little different."

"The league protects (players such as Hollweg) with the instigator rule," says Alex Tanguay. "If we have Eric Godard in the lineup and they'd let him grab some of the guys running around . . . they would think about it twice. It's unfortunate the league doesn't allow that more because it would take away some of the hits from behind, some of those hits to the head we've seen lately. The big guys would settle that. It would take away those people who act tough -- but aren't."

Eric Godard had this to say about Ryan Hollweg:
"He was laughing about it, had a little smirk -- maybe that was just relief that he didn't get killed," says Godard. "They have free rein to do whatever. No respect. They're just trying to hit guys as hard as they can and hurt them. It's a physical game -- guys are going to get hit, guys are going to get hurt -- but, at some point, something has to happen. Guys have to look out for themselves."

Well said by these guys. And f**k Barry Melrose for saying Hollweg gave Simon a clean hit. It was boarding.