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Canucks' reaction to loss to Wild

"We were too casual, I think, in the second," said Markus Naslund. "That's what got them back in the game. I thought we were controlling the game in the first period and played them the right way."

"It was a good start," said Jeff Cowan. "Maybe we let up a little bit much, and we didn't keep going after them, I think we maybe let up a bit and let them come to us."

"I thought we were putting decent pressure that forced them to take penalties," said Alain Vigneault. "When you do that, if your power play can at least generate a couple of chances, you might get a little bit of momentum. And we didn't get that momentum. The power play meant the difference in tonight's game. It could have gone either way. If our power play scores us a goal, it probably would have gone our way tonight."

A powerplay that has gone 0-for-19 in the past 4 games. A powerplay goal would have shifted the momentum that the Wild held on to for the last 44 minutes of the game. I don't mind if the Canucks go south a little bit right now. They could use the adversity, because it seems like they are coasting around lately at times and not going in for the kill. I wanna see 5-1 victories. I want to see Gaborik laying in a pool of blood. I wanna see players crashing the net hard. I wanna see dump-ins and hard forechecks.
Killer instinct would be nice. Especially at a more consistent level. Because this fancy-pants Sedin bullshit is not going to translate well in the playoffs.