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Canucks News for Friday

Injured defencemen Willie Mitchell and Sami Salo received treatment yesterday, but did not skate. They will be on the ice today. The Canucks hope to have at least one of them back for Sunday night's home game against Colorado. - Vancouver Sun

So really, no news at all. No matter though. They beat Nashville without them, so they should be fine against Colorado on Sunday.
Perhaps finally, Alain Vigneault is getting some praise for his heroic efforts this season. Talks are beginning now that Vigneault should be a front-runner for the Jack Adams Trophy, or, Coach of the Year. I say he's a top 3 for sure. He is the biggest reason for the Canucks' success this season, not Luongo, in my opinion.

From the Vancouver Sun:
Vigneault has won over the Canuck dressing room by treating his players -- all his players -- pretty much the same way. In recent years, especially last season under Marc Crawford, it was felt that there were different rules for different players. Some got punished for their on-ice sins, while others (most notably Todd Bertuzzi) could float all night on the backcheck with no consequences.

"I think one of the big things Alain has brought here is accountability, really," says centre Brendan Morrison. "At the end of the day there's pretty much the same standard for everybody. If you're not going, he is going to send a message to you and he has pretty much been like that since Day 1. He hasn't wavered. At times it can sure piss you off, but if it's the same standard for every player, that is where you gain the respect."

Couldn't agree more! Follow the Vancouver Sun link to read the rest of the story. There's lot of Vigneault-love going on there from his players.