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Canucks / Avalanche Preview

I am leaving town until tomorrow. I need to take a human resources course in Prince George (5 hours southeast of here). I won't even get to watch the Canucks game as we are going to see the Prince George Cougars in playoff action against the Kamloops Blazers tonight. A worthy sacrifice? I suppose.

So I'll keep this short. I think the Canucks are going to win tonight.
-They were outshot by the Avalanche by a fair margin and only barely lost last game.
-Alain Vigneault probably screamed at them after last game (or murdered Santala). Expect more shots from the Canucks, and a full 60 minutes of effort.
-Both teams will be scoreboard-watching, as the Flames play the Wild tonight.

I say 3-2 Canucks in a close one. Expect Luongo to play better as well.

See ya tomorrow tonight.