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Boom Goes the Dynamite

It's Sabby time tonight in the desert. I'm excited to see this team respond around the seldom-used backup tonight. Let's call a 4-2 win by the Canucks tonight to cushion their lead a bit more. Daniel hits 31, Linden pops one in, Sopel gets his first on the reunion tour '07 and, what the heck, Cowan notches one just to see if it'll wake people who bother going to the game in Phoenix.

As for around the league? I would be content with:

1. The Preds destroying Calgary. Kipper lets in 4 straight in the first all from Zidlicky on the PP. He's on my fantasy team and has been worthless as of late...
2. Tim Thomas shutting out the Wild. Chara, in a fight of rage, eats Lemaire.
3. Doug Weight bringing down the Stars. Turco pulls his groin. Lindros gives Modano a purple nurple.
4. Islanders crush the Rangers. Smyth scores 5 goals. This will annoy both Oiler and Ranger fans.

And, in case the title of this post throws you, then shame on you. Go let youtube make you feel special.


UPDATE: You can't make this stuff up...on the three year anniversary of Bertuzzi/Moore,
Chris Simon decides to take off Ryan Hollweg's face. Ugh, I'll prepare myself for a morning onslaught of stories from people who don't watch hockey but will act like experts anyway and call it too violent. If only Chris was a Cincinnati Bengal with a gun, we'd have no juicy story here...