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Bertuzzi impresses

"It's good to come in here, get a good skate in and meet the guys and get comfortable," Bertuzzi said. "I'm excited. All the credit goes to the team to get in this spot (in the standings). I'm hoping to come in and find a spot."
Preferrably not a spot on the IR. Bertuzzi may have gone out of his way to impress his new teammates. Coach Mike Babcock was a little concerned:
"I knew he'd go on the ice, but I thought he'd be out there for a few minutes and be gone," Babcock said after practice. "I was surprised he hung around and got involved in the drills you get bumped. I told him, `You don't have to impress us today. You impressed already before, and that's why you're here."'

I still have to re-adjust my vision seeing Bertuzzi in a Wings jersey. Can you imagine the possibility of the Wings and Bertuzzi facing the Canucks in the playoffs?